Errors 2147746397 and 0x8004025d when updating databases in Kaspersky Scan Engine

Latest update: June 10, 2021 ID: 15649

During a database update of Kaspersky Scan Engine, the following errors may occur:

  • 2147746397, if you are using the Scan Engine console
  • 0x8004025d, if you are using REST API


Check the license expiry date. You can view it:

  • Through the Kaspersky Scan Engine web console. Open the web console and go to Dashboard. The expiry date can be found in the License block.
  • Through the REST API request:
# curl -X GET <IP address>:<port>/api/v3.0/licenseinfo
  • Where <IP address> stands for the address of the Kaspersky Scan Engine server and <port> stands for the port number used by Kaspersky Scan Engine. Request example:
# curl -X GET

If the license has expired, renew it.

What to do if the solution did not help

If the issue persists, submit a request to Kaspersky technical support via Kaspersky CompanyAccount. Please include a detailed description of the issue. Before contacting the support, see the guide on creating a request in the Knowledge base.

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