How to protect your child from viewing unwanted websites with Kaspersky Safe Kids for Android

Latest update: July 08, 2020 ID: 12979

Switch to the premium version of Kaspersky Safe Kids

In the premium version, you can check the location and battery level of your child's device, view YouTube search history, and set the device use schedule.


Kaspersky Safe Kids for Android automatically blocks websites with sensitive or unwanted for children content in Google Chrome and in the device’s default browser. To make sure the content is filtered, we recommend adjusting Kaspersky Safe Kids settings so that only Google Chrome browser is allowed to use.

You can also allow access only to those websites you have selected as allowed on the child’s device. All other websites will be blocked.

Scroll down to watch the video about how Kaspersky Safe Kids protects your kids from harmful information.


How to block all browsers on the device except for Google Chrome


How to block access to all websites except for selected few


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