How to clean the computer with Kaspersky Total Security 20

Latest update: January 28, 2022 ID: 15199

Kaspersky Total Security PC Cleaner feature will help you with the following procedures:

  • Find and remove applications and browser extensions that you rarely use, or that were installed without your consent.
  • Report an annoying or problematic application to Kaspersky.

PC Cleaner feature allows Kaspersky Total Security to scan all installed applications and browser extensions to find the following reasons for removal:

  • The application provides misleading information.
  • The application was installed forcibly along with another software or did not request an installation approval.
  • The application displays anonymous messages or banners, conceals its running processes and means for closing them.
  • The application slows down computer startup and performance.
  • The application in no longer supported by vendor or contains vulnerabilities.
  • The application is rarely used.
  • The application collects and transmits your data, or redirects traffic.
  • The application modifies the settings and behavior of the operating system or browser, or restrict the capability to modify those settings.

You can launch an analysis of installed applications and browser extensions manually or configure a scheduled analysis.


How to manually start an analysis of installed applications and browser extensions


How to configure a scheduled analysis


How to send data about a problematic application to Kaspersky


What to do if an error occurs during application removal

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