Loss of Kaspersky Security 10 for Windows Server management when SYSTEM access permissions are configured incorrectly

Latest update: September 05, 2019 ID: 13731
The article concerns Kaspersky Security 10.0 for Windows Server.

By default, all Kaspersky Security 10 for Windows Server functions can be accessed from within the inbuilt SYSTEM account. 

We advise not to change the default settings or disable any of SYSTEM’s access permissions for managing the application and the Kaspersky Security service. 

Doing so can lead to Kaspersky Security 10 for Windows Server losing management of a computer group being protected by Kaspersky Security Center. Restoring remote management is not possible.


If you have restricted the SYSTEM account’s access permissions, we advise you to contact Kaspersky Lab Technical Support directly and not to take any action yourself.

In order to avoid issues with an incorrect configuration of access permissions for managing the application, install the fixed version of the Kaspersky Security Center management plug-in:

  • Russian localization — klcfginst_13731_ru.zip
  • English localization — klcfginst_13731_en.zip
  • French localization — klcfginst_13731_fr.zip
  • German localization — klcfginst_13731_de.zip

The introduced fix automates control of security permissions and prohibits restriction of the SYSTEM account’s access rights for managing the application or the Kaspersky Security service.


Download file

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