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Incoming and outgoing Internet traffic has sharply increased after Kaspersky product has been installed. How can I rectify the problem?27 September 2021
Kaspersky application crashes during installation of SP 1 for Windows 704 June 2021
Windows crashes with a blue screen on PCs with a Kaspersky Lab product installed and an embedded Intel video adapter28 January 2021
Internet connection speed decreases after the installation of a Kaspersky application15 December 2021
Error “You have exceeded the maximum number of computers on which a Kaspersky application can be installed under your license”15 February 2022
The application should be reinstalled07 February 2022
“My Kaspersky is temporarily unavailable. Our specialists are looking into the issue” error09 February 2022
Applications may work incorrectly when the sound is turned off on a computer or an app23 October 2019
Error during an encrypted connection scan in a Kaspersky application14 September 2021
Error connecting a Kaspersky application to My Kaspersky due to unsecured Internet connection11 May 2022
"Allowed number of connected devices exceeded" error when connecting to My Kaspersky11 March 2021
Secure traffic control error in the Mozilla Firefox or Thunderbird08 September 2020
Main reasons for errors delivering one-time passwords for My Kaspersky or Small Office Security Management Console03 February 2022
A Kaspersky application won’t start11 May 2022
How to find a Kaspersky application on your computer24 January 2022
Application "crashes", "freezes" or "lags"; the "Previous application launch failed" error message appears25 January 2022
Error "Some protection components are corrupted"09 February 2022
Error “Failed to unlock secret vault” in Kaspersky Small Office Security 26 May 2022
How to get Kaspersky Small Office Security trace files05 October 2021
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