What is spam weight in the Anti-Spam component settings of Kaspersky Security 9.x for Microsoft Exchange Servers

Latest update: February 01, 2022 ID: 11625

This article refers to:

  • Kaspersky Security 9.2 for Microsoft Exchange Servers Maintenance Release 2 (version;
  • Kaspersky Security 9.1 for Microsoft Exchange Servers Maintenance Release 1 (version; 
  • Kaspersky Security 9.0 for Microsoft Exchange Servers (version

Spam weight is value (from 0 to 100) assigned to messages by Kaspersky Security 9.x for Microsoft Exchange Servers based on scan results.

Responses of DNSBL and SURBL servers is registered and used for spam weight calculation, as well as  the weight of each responded DNSBL or SURBL server. If the total number of responded servers exceeds 100, the spam weight value will be increased to 100. If the total number is less than 100, spam weight will not be increased.

By default, the Low level is set in Anti-Spam. Depending on the set threshold and the value assigned to a message after scan, the message is classified as Spam or Probable spam.

Spam weight threshold Probable spam Spam
Maximum 60 75
High 70 80
Low 80 90
Minimum 90 100

You can adjust Anti-Spam settings that influence spam weight value. These settings allow increasing the spam weight according to the results of e-mail address and subject scan, and in case the message is written in a foreign language.

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