How to automatically deploy a key to managed devices

Latest update: September 09, 2019 ID: 12755
This article concerns Kaspersky Security Center 10 Service Pack 3 (version 10.5.1781.0).

Kaspersky Security Center 10 allows you to automatically deploy keys stored in the Administration Server repository to managed devices.

Before adding a key file, make sure that the date is set correctly on the managed device.

To automatically deploy a key to managed devices:

  1. Open Kaspersky Security Center 10.
  2. Go to Kaspersky Lab Licenses.
  3. Select the key that you want to deploy automatically. To learn how to add a key to the Administration Server repository, see this guide.
  4. Open the key’s properties and select the Automatically distributed key checkbox.
  5. Click OK.

How to add a license in Kaspersky Security Center 10

The key will automatically be deployed on devices without an active license if they have an application installed that can be activated with that key. The key is deployed by the Network Agent without running any separate tasks.

To learn how to deploy a key on client devices using a task, see the Online Help.

Licensing restrictions on the number of devices are included in the key’s properties. These are taken into account when automatically distributing the key on managed devices. If the device limit has been reached, the key deployment will be terminated automatically.

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