Web Protection issues in Google Chrome if Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Android was installed through AirWatch

Latest update: November 20, 2019 ID: 15321

If you use the AirWatch console for installing Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Android, additional Google Chrome adjustments may be required for correct functioning of the Web Protection component. To check websites using the Web Protection feature, adjust proxy server settings in the AirWatch console of Google Chrome. Use the following parameters and values:


We have tested these settings in Google Chrome version 78.0.3904.90. Proxy server settings may be reset automatically after upgrading Google Chrome to a new version. In this case, the feature will stop functioning.

If adjusting proxy server settingsin the browsrer did not work, configure the ProxySettings parameter:

{"ProxyMode":"fixed_servers", "ProxySever":""}

If it did not help, please refer to Chromium documentation.

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