Informative X-headers assigned to messages after scanning by Kaspersky Security 8.0 for Linux Mail Server

Latest update: July 26, 2019 ID: 9164
This article concerns Kaspersky Security 8.0 for Linux Mail Server Maintenance Pack 3 (version

Kaspersky Security adds the following X-headers to each message according to its scanning results:

  • X-KLMS-Rule-ID — list of IDs of the rules used in scanning the message
  • X-KLMS-Message-Action — action applied by the application to the message, and modules used in its scanning
  • X-KLMS-Antivirus — info about the application: version, release date and number of antivirus signatures
  • X-KLMS-AntiSpam-Method — successfully used spam recognition method
  • X-KLMS-AntiSpam-Rate — rating assigned to the message by the antispam module
  • X-KLMS-AntiSpam-Status — status assigned to the message by the Anti-Spam module after scanning
  • X-KLMS-AntiSpam-Envelope-From — message sender
  • X-KLMS-AntiSpam-Version — Anti-Spam module version
  • X-KLMS-AntiSpam-Info — criteria used by the Anti-Spam module to assign the status to the message
  • X-KLMS-AntiSpam-Interceptor-Info — result of the message scan
    • protection disabled — Anti-Spam module disabled
    • timeout expired — message was queued for scanning, but has not been scanned due to timeout exceeded
    • size exceeded — message was not queued for scanning due to its large size
    • scan successfull — message successfully scanned
    • fallback — message was queued for scanning, but has not been scanned due to an error
  • X-KLMS-AntiPhishing — a general header for messages processed by the Anti-Phishing module
  • X-KLMS-AntiSpam-Auth — information about the authenticity of message senders

Below is an example of headers of an email filtered by the Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus modules:

X-KLMS-Rule-ID: 4
X-KLMS-Message-Action: skipped, ContentFiltering
X-KLMS-AntiSpam-Lua-Profiles: 35793 [Aug 20 2012]
X-KLMS-AntiSpam-Version: 5.2.1
X-KLMS-AntiSpam-Envelope-From: mailuser1@kbb
X-RLMS-AntiSpam-Spf: none
X-KLMS-AntiSpam-Rate: 20
X-RLMS-AntiSpam-Status: not_detected
X-KLMS-AntiSpam-Method: none
X-KLMS-AntiSpam-Moebius-Timestamps: 1971238, 1971643, 1971629
X-KIMS-AntiSpam-Info: {FROM: no valid address in FROM, no dot}, {DNS response errors}
X-KIMS-AntiSpam-Interceptor-Info: scan successful
X-RIMS-AntiVirus: Kaspersky Linux Mail Security, bases: 2012/08/20 04:12:00 #7814976
X-KIMS-AntiVirus-Status: Clean, skipped
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