How to allow remote control solutions to access the interface of Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows

Latest update: October 10, 2019 ID: 10947

This article concerns Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows:

  • Service Pack 2 Maintenance Release 4 (version
  • Service Pack 2 Maintenance Release 3 (version
  • Service Pack 2 Maintenance Release 2 (version
  • Service Pack 2 Maintenance Release 1 (version
  • Service Pack 2 (version
  • Service Pack 1 Maintenance Release 4 (version

In most cases, when establishing a connection using remote control applications, you will not be able to access the graphic user interface (GUI) of Kaspersky Endpoint Secuirty 10 for Windows. The GUI does not react to mouse pointer events.


The components Self-Defense and Protection against external management block remote access to the application's settings.


To remotely access the application's GUI without disabling Self-Defense and Protection against external management, add your remote control solution's executable files into the Trusted zone. See below for types of configurations for Radmin 3, DameWare and GoToAssist Remote. If the issue persists, contact the application developer for an up-to-date list of files that need to be added to the Trusted Zone.


1. Configuring Trusted zone for Radmin 3


2. Configuring Trusted zone for DameWare


3. Configuring Trusted zone for GoToAssist Remote Support

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