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General articles: Troubleshooting

The application should be reinstalled
id: 10985
How to get a dump file of AVP.EXE process for Kaspersky Lab products
id: 8006
How to diagnose update issues in Kaspersky Lab products
id: 12910
How to get traces for Kaspersky Lab products
id: 12797
Keyboard and mouse do not work after a Kaspersky Lab product has been uninstalled
id: 10663
How to disinfect your computer before installing Kaspersky Lab product
id: 12781
Incoming and outgoing Internet traffic has sharply increased after Kaspersky Lab product has been installed. How can I rectify the problem?
id: 2060
Error message “Could not enable some protection components” or “An update error has occurred”
id: 13409
Could not enable some protection components of Kaspersky product
id: 12780
Automatic uploading of Kaspersky Lab products' crash dump files to Kaspersky Lab servers
id: 10023
Mozilla Thunderbird mail client fails to connect to the Gmail server
id: 13529
Cannot guarantee authenticity of the domain to which encrypted connection is established
id: 13585
Error connecting the Kaspersky Lab application to My Kaspersky due to unsecured Internet connection
id: 13914
Backup and Restore limitations in Kaspersky Lab applications
id: 13958
Error connecting to My Kaspersky
id: 12686
"Cannot connect to My Kaspersky portal" error when installing a Kaspersky Lab product
id: 11103
Applications may work incorrectly when the sound is turned off on a computer or an app
id: 13521
Internet connection slowed down after installation of a Kaspersky Lab product
id: 9042
How to test whether KSN is working in Kaspersky Lab products for business
id: 13979
Removal issues of some Kaspersky Lab products' versions
id: 12474


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