How to reset your password in Kaspersky Free


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How to reset your password in Kaspersky Free

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Latest update: 2019 Apr 10 ID: 14995

Entering password in Kaspersky Free

If you don’t remember the password for your Kaspersky Lab application, reset it: 

  1. Download the archive with the password reset tool.
  2. Go to the folder with the archive.

Opening the folder with the downloaded archive

  1. Right-click the archive and select Extract files.

Extracting the files from the archive

  1. Specify the folder to which the files will be extracted.

Selecting the target folder

  1. Boot the computer in Safe Mode. For the instructions see this guide
  2. Open the folder with the files extracted from the archive and run the KLAPR.bat file.

Running the KLAPR.bat file

  • The command line will open.

The command line

  1. Press any key on the keyboard. You will get a notification about successful reset of your password.

Resetting password in Kaspersky Free

  1. Close the command line and restart the computer.

Your Kaspersky Free password will be reset.


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