Kaspersky Secure Connection: available versions and subscription options


Kaspersky Secure Connectiоn


Kaspersky Secure Connection: available versions and subscription options

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Latest update: January 21, 2020 ID: 14511

Kaspersky Secure Connection is available in two versions: free and extended. The free version is limited in its functionality. 

Features Free version Extended version

Protected traffic per day

200 MB
(300 MB if the application is connected to My Kaspersky)


Country selection

Maximum number of connected devices



When you install Kaspersky Secure Connection, you automatically get a free version of the application. To switch to an extended version, buy and activate the subscription. For instructions on how to upgrade your app to an extended version, see the articles for WindowsMac, AndroidiOS.

You can subscribe to Kaspersky Secure Connection for one month or one year. The subscription features autorenewal. It will be renewed at the end of the subcription period unless you cancel it. You can opt out of using autorenewal and renew the yearly subcription manually. If the subscription is not renewed, the app will switch back to the free version. Buying an additional subscription will not allow using it on more devices that allowed under one subscription.

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