Notes on using Kaspersky Secure Connection with mail apps


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Notes on using Kaspersky Secure Connection with mail apps

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2019 Mar 25 ID: 13953

Due to some configuration specifics of mail servers in some mail applications, e.g. in Microsoft Outlook, you may experience some errors if you have a secure connection enabled in Kaspersky Secure Connection for iOS. 

To avoid such errors, try connecting through a different country. If the issue remains, you may try connecting through a few other countries. If changing a country doesn’t solve your issue, disable a secure connection while using the mail app.

You can change your virtual location only if you have a premium version of Kaspersky Secure Connection for iOS. If you don’t have an active subscription, disable a secure connection completely while using the mail app.

To change your virtual location, in the main window of Kaspersky Secure Connection for iOS, tap the virtual server selection button and select a country. 

Image: selecting the country for secure connection

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