How to enable notifications in Kaspersky Security for Mobile 10


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How to enable notifications in Kaspersky Security for Mobile 10

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Latest update: December 24, 2018 ID: 13067

To enable or disable Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Android:

  1. Install the plugin for Kaspersky Security for Mobile 10 Service Pack 2.
  2. Open the Administration Console.
  3. Go to the Policies node.
  4. Select or create a policy for mobile devoices.
  5. Open the properties of the needed policy.
  6. Go to the Additional section → Enable user notification and click Configure.
  1. Select or clear the checkboxes and click ОК.
  1. Save the policy and wait until it is applied.
If the Security settings are not defined notification is disabled, the following issues occur: 
if the user has deprived KES of the device Administrator or other system permissions, then the Anti-Theft tasks cannot be performed.
if KES is not allowed in the Android accessibility features, the Web Protection settings of the policy cannot be applied.
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