How to remove third-party antivirus software through Kaspersky Security Center 10


Kaspersky Security Center 10


How to remove third-party antivirus software through Kaspersky Security Center 10

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Latest update: September 09, 2019 ID: 12582

The article concerns the following versions of Kaspersky Security Center 10:

  • Service Pack 3 (version 10.5.1781.0)
  • Service Pack 2 Maintenance Release 1 (version 10.4.343)

To remove a third-party application:

  1. Open Kaspersky Security Center 10, select the group of devices and go to to the Tasks tab.
  2. Click the Create a task.
  3. Select the administration server node, click AdvancedRemote uninstallation.
  1. Uninstall incompatible application
  1. Click the Add button. 
  2. In the Adding an incompatible application window select third party software you want to remove.
  1. Follow the steps of the Task Wizard to complete the task creation.
  2. Run the task to be carried out on the remote computers.

If the third applications is absent from the list:

  1. Contact Technical Support
  2. Attach the information in the archive to your request.
    • Full name of the application
    • Full number of the application version
    • Installation files of the application
    • Data about the language of the application
  3. Get an ini-file.
  4. Save the files you got to the folder C:\Program Files\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Security Center\Data\Cleaner to the computer that haveAdministration Server installed.
  5. Restart Administration Server service, running
    net stop kladminserver
    net start kladminserver in the command prompt.
  6. Follow the instructions how to remove the application above.
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