Ports and servers used by Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway


Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway


Ports and servers used by Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway

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2019 Feb 08 ID: 12400

A list of the ports and servers used by Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway: 

Updater-servers (TCP, port 80) 

  • dnl-01.geo.kaspersky.com 
  • dnl-02.geo.kaspersky.com 
  • dnl-03.geo.kaspersky.com 
  • dnl-04.geo.kaspersky.com 
  • dnl-05.geo.kaspersky.com 
  • dnl-06.geo.kaspersky.com 
  • dnl-07.geo.kaspersky.com 
  • dnl-08.geo.kaspersky.com 
  • dnl-09.geo.kaspersky.com 
  • dnl-10.geo.kaspersky.com 
  • dnl-11.geo.kaspersky.com 
  • dnl-12.geo.kaspersky.com 
  • dnl-13.geo.kaspersky.com 
  • dnl-14.geo.kaspersky.com 
  • dnl-15.geo.kaspersky.com 
  • dnl-16.geo.kaspersky.com 
  • dnl-17.geo.kaspersky.com 
  • dnl-18.geo.kaspersky.com 
  • dnl-19.geo.kaspersky.com 
  • dnl-00.geo.kaspersky.com 

KSN servers (TCP, port 443) 

  • ksn-crypto-file-geo.kaspersky-labs.com 
  • ksn-crypto-a-stat-geo.kaspersky-labs.com 
  • ksn-crypto-url-geo.kaspersky-labs.com 
  • ksn-crypto-verdict-geo.kaspersky-labs.com 
  • ksn-crypto-kas-geo.kaspersky-labs.com 
  • ksn-crypto-a-stat-geo.kaspersky-labs.com  
  • ksn-crypto-info-geo.kaspersky-labs.com

The KSN servers may be changed without any notifications. 

Moebius (Enforced Anti-Spam Update Service) (TCP, port 443) 

  • moebius.kaspersky-labs.com
  • moebius.geo.kaspersky.com

NTP (UDP, port 123) 

  • 0.centos.pool.ntp.org 
  • 1.centos.pool.ntp.org 
  • 2.centos.pool.ntp.org 
  • 3.centos.pool.ntp.org

DNS (UDP, 53)  

The Administrator specifies the servers manually. 


DNS requests to the servers present in anti-spam databases are specified by the administrator. 

SMTP (TCP, 25) 

All incoming/outgoing messages.

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