External mail scan services and technologies used by Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway


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External mail scan services and technologies used by Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway

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2019 Jan 18 ID: 12314

Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway uses the following external services for anti-virus and anti-spam scanning:

Global level only:

  • UDS filters all known spam mailouts by sending a special UDS request to Kaspersky Lab servers and does not require update of local anti-spam databases.
  • KSN is an information security network that accelerates the response of Kaspersky Lab products to new threats and spam as well as minimizes the number of false positives. The work of KSN is based on the analysis of data fragments automatically sent from users' devices to Kaspersky Lab servers.
  • Reputation services filter messages for spam by reputation rating obtained using the Urgent Detection System 2 technology: messages are compared to hashed email bits (shingles) included into a cloud database. If they match, messages are identified as spam.
  • Advanced Update Services is an auxiliary method of distributing anti-spam databases using a push updates technology. When the option is enabled, the application maintains a permanent connection with Kaspersky Lab servers, allowing to receive most recent spam signatures identified by spam analysts, which accelerates the response to new spam.

Global level and rule level:

  • DNSBL servers which contain public lists of IP addresses known for sending spam. You can add a custom DNSBL list.
  • SURBL servers which contain public lists of links advertised through spam. You can add a custom SURBL list.

Rule level only:

  • SPF allows checking the genuinity of sender's domain. SPF allows administrators to specify which hosts are allowed to send mail from a given domain. If the sender is not included into the list of authorized senders, the spam ratio of the message increases.
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