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Reports in Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2016

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2015 Oct 21 ID: 12207

All actions performed by the components of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2016 are registered in the reports.

You can adjust the reports' options in the following ways:

  • Enable non-critical event logging which may be useful when a detailed scan report is requested by Technical Support to resolve a problem. By default, non-critical events of the application components, system registry, and the file system are not logged.
  • Change the settings of report storage
    • By default, reports are stored for no more than 30 days. After this period reports are deleted. You can change the storage period or disable automatic report deletion. 
    • By default, the maximum report file size is 1024 MB. Once the limit has been reached, the file contents are overwritten with new entries. You can change the maximum size or cancel the limit. 
  • Clear reports, which includes both the general report and each component's report (Scan, Update, and System Watcher).

1. Brief report


2. Detailed reports


3. How to adjust report settings

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