How to start a scan task in Kaspersky Small Office Security 3 for File Server


Kaspersky Small Office Security 3.0 (FS)


How to start a scan task in Kaspersky Small Office Security 3 for File Server

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Latest update: January 21, 2014 ID: 10451

Scan is a crucial component of your anti-virus software; it is designed to search for malicious objects and identify them. Do perform scans regularly to protect your computer from malware and threats. 

Kaspersky Lab experts have selected the following options to scan for viruses and vulnerabilities:

  • The Full scan option provides a thorough scan of the entire system. The following objects are scanned by default: system memory, programs loaded on startup, system backup, email databases, hard drives, removable storage media and network drives.
  • Critical Areas Scan deals with objects that are loaded every time the operating system starts; it also includes system memory and disk boot sectors scan.
  • Custom Scan. This is a scan of any file system object selected by the user.
  • Vulnerability Scan. This option checks the system security and searches for potential vulnerabilities.

1. How to start a scan


2. How to configure removable drives scan


3. How to view the results


4. How to stop a scan

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