Activation code for Kaspersky Small Office Security 5 for Personal Computer



Kaspersky Small Office Security 5 (PC)


Activation code for Kaspersky Small Office Security 5 for Personal Computer

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2016 Aug 29 ID: 12800

The article contains the detailed information on activation codes for Kaspersky Lab products, but it does not include the codes themselves.

To buy a commercial activation code, visit the Kaspersky Lab eStore.

To renew the expired license, visit License Upgrade & Renewal Center.

If you encounter any issues when activating the product, see the Activation errors section to find a solution.


Activation code / license key


New activation code


How to activate the application


Products which can be activated with a Kaspersky Internet Security Multi-Device code


How to restore the activation code


Activation code validity period


What happens when the license expires


Commercial license expiration When a commercial activation code expires (this type of code is valid for a year or more), Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 will continue working with restrictions (for example, the Parental Control and Safe Money components will stop functioning), and and will not update databases. If installed on Windows 7 or an earlier operating system version, the application will continue to disinfect infected objects and filter spam, but with the databases which were downloaded on the last day of your activation code validity. Starting from Windows 8, upon license expiration protection will be disabled and databases update will become unavailable. Even if you manage to download the databases manually and try to install these to the product, it will stop functioning. You cannot prolong the license validity period of a commercial activation code by adding a trial activation code. No trial activation code can be added to the product once a commercial activation code was installed. Trial license expiration When a trial activation code expires (a trial activation code is valid for one month), Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 stops functioning (protection will be disabled and the databases will not be updated). You cannot install two or more trial activation codes on your computer concurrently or in turn; the validity period of another trial activation code will not overlap or prolong the license validity period of the first trial code. What to do after the license expires To restore the product functionality after your activation code expires, add a new commercial activation code to the product. You do not have to reinstall the application.


What happens to the active license if replaced by a new one


How to reinstall or upgrade the operating system without losing the license

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